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narrow sofa table 2

narrow sofa table 2

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Such a fantastic idea, Amy! Pertaining to some previous comments, I have an idea for those wanting a rustic/industrial design for their “skinny” sofa table! Using Always Never Done’s existing table top plans, after cutting the 1×6 pine board & 1×2 furring strips to appropriate or desired length, give them an aged, weathered, barnwood rustic look by gently distressing before constructing the table top. (Add dents, scratches, gouges, wood burns,etc..many distressing techniques on Pinterest.) Pick up Amy’s tutorial again, sand the surfaces, apply favorite stain, paint technique, or combination if more “rustic-ness” is needed. You can age and distress the banister rails or get chunkier rails for a more rustic look but, I’m thinking ‘industrial all the way’ and rather than banister rails for the legs, (such an INGENIOUS IDEA, btw), why not use ⓗⓐⓘⓡⓟⓘⓝ ⓛⓔⓖⓢ! You’d have a totally different-looking table using the same smart, simple plans, and still a very easy-to-do DIY that would compliment or coordinate with rustic/industrial design. There are a sites and stores that sell hairpin legs but I’ve noticed they can get a bit pricey. I have 3/8″ copper wire, found it at my local Restore for a steal, just waiting on me to give it purpose. Now, if i can figure out the best way to bend my wire into the shape of hairpin legs (It’s much stronger than the name “wire” let’s on!), then I’ll be taking on this project ASAP! I’m thinking saddle clips to attach the legs to the table and the trim pieces flush together all around since the space for the rails wouldn’t be needed. Other suggestions welcome! Thanks so much for the wonderful idea and tutorial, Amy!

Another similar idea is to “sandwich” a very narrow table between the sofa and the wall, so you can set frames, candles, plants or lamps on it for decoration and function. via alwaysneverdone.

All in all this table cost me about $25.00 to make. Remember I had the legs and the paint products already sitting around so I didn’t have to buy them. But even if I did have to buy that stuff it would have been a fairly inexpensive project considering all the tables I browsed through were ridiculously priced and not well made. I am 100% satisfied with my new little sofa table, suitable for trinkets, treasures, slim lights and of course my morning coffee and night time wine glass!

I love this! I have actually been working on plans for a “skinny table” to fit behind my couch too. I have a really big living room that has a fireplace that sits out in the floor. Because of the room shape and all, it is very hard to furnish this room. I have been working on it for almost 2 years now. I think I finally have down what I want to do with it, which includes a skinny table. Funny thing is, I have about 50 of those banister legs in my garage and never thought to use those but on the other hand, I am looking to go more rustic/industrial so that look wouldn’t work anyway. Enjoy your table it looks lovely and I love the way you decorated it!

Just started making this table today. Didn’t have the spindles, but they were on clearance at Lowes. I decided to stain the top and paint all the rest before assembling. I’ll do the touchups after I put the piece together. Tomorrow I’ll put the entire table together. Mine’s 8 feet long so I bought 1 additional spindle for the middle of the table length for extra support! Thanks for posting, great idea!

wonderful, wonderful. This is so what I need. I have the same set up as yourself ( new chaise sofa for the man of the house) it sits in an alcove with a huge print behind it, (my sofa-not the husband) but it just needs a little something, this is perfect. And now my husband can see what I was trying to convey. Thanks for sharing. You’ve made my day Cheers

DIY Sofa Table for $25 using stair rails as legs. Makes it easy to access plugs behind the couch, too, so they don't go to waste. Could make a charging station on it as well.

I bought everything today to make this hope all goes well, I love the little plants you have , mine is so the cats stay off the back of the sofa. You did a great job.